South Island Other - Meghan Maloney Photography

It's almost impossible to categorise any of these shots as 'other' since they are all amazing scenic spots in their own right. They are spread far and wide throughout the island, from as far as the wild Wharariki beach on the west coast, to the remote and windswept Cape Campbell on the east coast. Then there's the amazing Nugget Point lighthouse which feels like it might be at the end of the earth and yet it's just an hour down the road from the beautiful Dunedin seaside spots of St Clair beach and Hoopers Inlet, all photo worthy in their own right. Even further south is the Catlins area, about as far from civilisation as you can get, and with gems like Purakaunui Falls hidden up quiet valleys, you wonder how they were ever even discovered in the first place.

You really would need several months to do justice to the scenery in the South Island, or at least many short trips to complete little sections of the island. Despite the journeys I've managed to complete, there are still so many places on my must-see list that I feel as if I'll forever be planning new trips here. But isn't that just part and parcel of living in an amazing country - that you always feel like there's more to see no matter how many adventures you go on. 

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