Bryn & Nicole - Meghan Maloney Photography

The wedding of Bryn & Nicole

Oakura, Taranaki

Bryn and Nicole were married on a humid January day in a stunning rural Taranaki garden.

They'd met working at the local 4 Square supermarket in Oakura several years earlier and friendship had eventually turned to love. Nicole's love of the colour purple was a strong theme throughout the wedding and even the hydrangeas and agapanthus in the garden were flowering just at the right time to match the them.

Following our bridal party shots in the garden, the group headed to the 4 Square for ice creams which were on the house before I whisked Bryn and Nicole away for couple shots on Oakura Beach in the golden last light of this summer's day.

The ceremony was held at Oakura Hall, and between heartwarming speeches and a massive group rendition of the Macarena, the celebration was over all too soon. A truly wonderful day celebrating these two special people in a gorgeous setting!

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