Gary & Daya - Meghan Maloney Photography

The wedding of Gary & Daya

Windy Ridge, Ohaupo

Waikato, NZ

When you have found your soulmate, you just know. Despite having found  each other a little later in life, the bond between these two gorgeous people was so evident, and it  was also beautiful to witness their children being part of their special day. 

Gary & Daya were married on picture perfect blue sky day in October at Windy Ridge in Ohaupo, near Hamilton in the Waikato. The sun shone on them as they exchanged their vows in the shade of the gardens. Afterwards we explored the local area, finding opportunities for photos near the peat lakes and on the railway line that runs behind the settlement of Ohaupo.

During golden hour, I whisked them away to Lake Ngaroto to take advantage of the soft light of dusk before they rejoined the reception and dancing celebrations. 

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