Coromandel - Meghan Maloney Photography

The Coromandel is one of those places that move you to serious wonder as to how so many amazing locations can be contained in one little peninsula. With spots like Cathedral Cove, New Chums Beach, Castle Rock, and Hot Water Beach all vying for top honours in the best spot in the area, it’s a hard decision to know where to begin.

My personal favourite is Cathedral Cove, having been there for 3 sunrises in the space of a year, I have a huge love for this place which has turned on the most AMAZING pastel sky display for me on each visit. Last time I went I was up at 3am to get there in time to take Milky Way shots and this was an experience I’ll not easily forget.

Driving around the Coromandel is not for the faint hearted with extremely windy roads between every location, but every so often you’ll come across a gem of a view which makes all the slow driving worthwhile. With almost more beaches than there are people in this part of NZ, I’m always spoilt for choice where to go. And if you get sick of beaches, then there’s the gorgeous waterfalls of Owharoa, Waiau and hidden gems on Homunga Beach to satisfy the best waterfall hunters out there.

When I leave to go home after a weekend away in the Coromandel, I feel ridiculously refreshed as if I’ve just been on holiday for two weeks, and I think this is testament that this place is truly good for the soul.

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