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I'm Meghan Maloney

It's no secret .... I am head over heels in love with NZ!

The more I explore New Zealand, the more I fall in love with our country. I'm SUPER passionate about sharing moments and experiences that I know others will also enjoy through my landscape photography.

So where did it all begin? After writing a family blog for a few years, I realised I was happiest in the great outdoors capturing the beauty of NZ. We moved from Wellington to Cambridge in 2015 and I started exploring around the Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Coromandel discovering many hidden gems worth visiting! I'm a sucker for a great sunrise or sunset and I love spending my days chasing waterfalls and beautiful reflections.

I've travelled the length of NZ - all the way from the tip of Northland to the Catlins in the deep south to bring you images and experiences that capture the very essence of NZ. My great passion is to encourage you to experience these wonderful places yourself and to help you improve your landscape photography to create images that will blow you away.

I'm a Sony NZ Digital Imaging Advocate which means I'm partnering with Sony to promote the brand with landscape photography workshops and other photography events around New Zealand.

Watch my Sony Alpha Featured Photographer Interview
Watch the first ever Sony Alpha Livestream event
representing kiwis and females in photography!

Sony Photographer Features

In 2020, I have been working on an exciting new campaign with Sony to promote the flagship A7R series of full-frame cameras and their top of the range G Master lenses (I shoot with the a7RIV and 2 GM lenses currently).

It was an honour to be chosen as the only New Zealander and female on this new campaign which features the work of 6 photographers from across Australia and New Zealand with my contribution to the campaign here

In March 2020, I also hopped across the ditch to Sydney just before all the COVID-19 travel restrictions came into force to shoot the interview about my photography journey, memorable photography moments, favourite gear, and advice for aspiring photographers. You can watch the interview over on the left of this page.

In April 2020, Sony Australia also launched a new Livestream initiative to provide regular updates and chat with the Australasian photographic community, and I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to the very first launch episode which aired on April 18th. Settle in with a cuppa or a glass of wine and enjoy the chat!

Never stop learning

I love learning  - whether it's finding new locations or a discovering a new photography skill or technique.  And it's my great passion to share my knowledge and help you improve your photography skills and take amazing photos you can be proud of. I'm currently hosting 3-day weekend landscape photography workshops all over New Zealand - I'd love for you to join me so check out the options on my Workshops page!

1. I'm an incessant hair twirler - if you've met me you'll know just how bad my habit actually is!

2. I'm a football mum - winter weekends are spent sideline cheering my two boys on

3. I can shuffle cards like a Las Vegas dealer - it's quite the party trick

4. I love Jesus and my one desire is that everything I do brings him glory

5. My brother once dated our prime minister Jacinda Ardern - true fact!

6. I cannot live without.....coffee, smoothies, and chocolate

7. My collarbones can partially dislocate - it looks as gross as it sounds

8. There's actually no H in my name on my birth certificate - it was a rebel move when I was 14 and I still haven't got around to officially changing it!

9. I once played a clarinet solo to Memory from Cats in the Auckland Town Hall in front of a lot of people when I was twelve. I was absolutely bricking it!

10. My hubby and I share the same birthday on April 10 - it still feels weird even after 20-odd years together!

Here's the facts

Ten fun facts you might not know about me!

My camera gear

I'm currently shooting with the following kit:

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