KASE 75mm filters for crop sensor cameras

Filters for crop sensor & mirrorless cameras

When I heard KASE were releasing a smaller 75mm kit designed for smaller crop sensor DSLR and compact mirrorless cameras, I was pretty excited for all my followers with cameras that fit into this bracket! I'm talking about those of you with entry level Nikon, Canon crop sensor cameras or those shooting with compact Fuji, Olympus and the Sony a6000 range for example.

Whilst the larger K9 100mm kit set ups still works well for most people with the smaller cameras, this new kit is much more compact, more lightweight and significantly cheaper too due to its design ($479 vs $749).

Which kit is right for you?

If you're wondering which size kit to get, look at all your lenses and decide based on which size bracket they fall into. If your lenses have filter threads in the 67-82mm category you'll want to buy the larger K9 kit.  You can still buy step-up rings that go as small as 49mm for the K9 kit. However, if you don't have lenses with filter threads any larger than 67mm the K75 kit is the way to go - the step up rings go down to as low as 37.5mm if needed.

How the filters work

Using the magnetic CPL to reduce reflections and enhance water scenes

The circular polariser can be left in the holder the whole time - you use the ring on the side of the holder to turn the polariser in a circular direction. It's easy to see the difference with the CPL off and on in the images below.

These images show how much more vibrant the greens of the surrounding forest are when the polariser is engaged - it reduces reflections significantly in the water and the light reflecting off the leaves of plants in the forest.

Using the 6-stop ND64 filter to create long exposures

The 6-stop filter allows you to slow down the shutter speed significantly which helps create a lovely effect on cloud movement in the sky or water flowing at rivers and waterfalls. The examples below show the difference.

The image on the left was taken at 30 seconds with the ND64 filter, the image on the right taken at 2 seconds without.

Using the soft grad 0.9 filter to balance your sky and foreground

A graduated filter is a landscape photographer's best friend - especially at sunrise and sunset or in scenes of high contrast. It allows you to darken the sky so there is less contrast between a dark foreground and light sky and reduces the need for post-editing to try and balance the overall exposure in the scene.

If you're still not sure why you should be using filters in your landscape photography, then check out this post: Why you need to use Filters in Landscape Photography for the best results.

So what's in the kit?

The 75mm kit retails for $479 NZD plus shipping. It comes with the following:

1. K75 holder plus magnetic CPL

2. 67mm adapter ring

3. 62mm adapter ring

4. Soft grad 0.9 ND filter

5. 6-stop ND64 filter

Additional step-up rings to suit smaller lens threads can be purchased for $9.99 each.

Want to see the kit in action? Watch my live review below

Want to purchase or need more info? Visit Kase Filters NZ

If you want to purchase the K8/K9 larger filter kit designed for full-frame mirrorless and DSLR cameras ($749 NZD + shipping), then check out my review here.

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