KASE filters - the MUST HAVE addition to your photography kit

After a few years as a landscape photographer and experience using 3 previous brands of filters, I was a little skeptical that a new filter brand could impress me enough to make me want to switch from my current filter set up.

BUT when KASE Filters asked if I would be interested in working with them I went in with an open mind and, agreed to purchase a set of KASE's K9 100mm filter kit AND their BRAND new magnetic circular kit to see if they were as good as all the hype I'd seen online. One thing I should mention is that in the past I have sometimes been provided with free product to review, but this time I actually had to invest in purchasing the kit myself so with KASE I'm saying it because I paid for the product and I actually believe in it!      

So what was the verdict? I have been really impressed on a number of fronts, and I'm confident in saying they are a MUST-HAVE addition to your landscape photography kit to take your photography to the next level.

Here's the low down:

KASE Wolverine Series K9 100mm Entry Level Kit - $749 NZD

(plus $15-30 shipping by courier within NZ)

KASE K9 K100 entry level kit

The entry level kit shown here comes with:

The K100 slim holder | 90mm magnetic circular polariser | 3-stop (0.9) soft graduated neutral density filter (GND) | 6-stop (ND64) neutral density filter | 77-90mm and 82-90mm filter rings | 67-82 and 72-82 step up rings | A soft pouch bag to carry up to 10 filters

Here are 4 reasons why I think the K9 Entry Level kit is amazing:

  1. It's super lightweight and slim - at least 50g lighter than other brands of holders I've tired but it's also really well made. I have had issues with other filter holders starting to fall apart within weeks or months of using them which isn't ideal and the design of this holder makes me confident it will last.
  2. It comes with a magnetic circular polariser that snaps into the holder or you can use it independently just with the filter ring which is very handy. Most other CPL's are so integrated into the holder system that it makes it difficult to remove the CPL quickly when you need to.
  3. The design of the holder with a large 90mm circular polariser means there's virtually no vignetting in the corners even at 16mm which is awesome - I've struggled to take shots below 17mm with every other kit I've used, again proving how well thought out the design is.
  4. The Wolverine filters are made of high-quality optical glass - they repel water, have no colour cast and have proven to be shock and break resistant.

I went and tested all the components of the Kase K100mm kit out in the field so you can see just how beautifully it all works together. Take a look at the video below:

KASE Magnetic Circular Filter Kits $430-$630 NZD

In addition to the K9 kit, I was really intrigued to try out the brand new magnetic circular kit that KASE has just released.

This kit is unique with its stackable magnetic filters - you screw the UV filter onto your lens and then you can stack the CPL and ND filters - they just snap on into place since they're magnetic. The whole kit is really slim and so easy to take on and off in a jiffy - which makes it the perfect accessory when you're in a hurry to switch between filters or in a tough physical location where you're balanced precariously and you don't want to be fiddling around with attaching a holder and sliding filters into place.

Check out my video showing them in action below!

Purchase your KASE Filters now at Kase Filters NZ

The KASE K9 Entry Level Kit retails at $749 NZD

There are options for adding on extra filters such as the 10-stop separately for $249.99 NZD or purchasing the High-End or Master kits also (please contact me).

The KASE Magnetic Circular Filter Kits retail at $430-630 NZD depending on size and type

The price depends on what size lens you are using (67, 72, 77 and 82mm) and whether you choose the Entry Level kit (CPL+ND64) or the Professional Kit (CPL + ND8 + ND64 + ND1000).

The Kase K75 Entry Level Kit for small crop sensor & mirrorless cameras retails at $479 NZD

This is the kit you'll want to purchase if your biggest lens thread is 67mm, read my review of this kit here.

To purchase a set of KASE filters that's right for you, send me your camera and lens info so I can recommend the best set up.

Still not sure why you need to use filters in photography?

Check out my guide on why you need to use filters to improve your photography and how they can help you create images that will stand out in a crowd.  

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