As easy as 1...2...3.. The new Kase Magnetic Filter Kit with adjustable Graduated Filter

If you've ever decided not to use neutral density filters because they're too bulky to carry for travel or they're simply not well designed and a hassle to use, believe me I've been there too but Kase Filters changed my mind! And one of the reasons why I chose to become a Kase Filters Global Ambassador was because I was impressed by their commitment to constant innovation in improving their filter products.

The new Kase Filters Magnetic Kit with an adjustable GND

So with that in mind, I was excited to try out the new Kase Filters Magnetic Filter Kit which for the first time includes a fully adjustable Graduated Neutral Density Filter. I already own an 82mm Professional ND kit which doesn't include a graduated filter and I use this a lot when hiking or when balanced in precarious spots when I don't want to use the bigger K9 square system kit, so I was keen to see just how well the new kit and holder works to include a GND for those high dynamic range scenes when you need to balance out the exposure between sky and foreground in your scene.

Other standard magnetic kits which come with a GND are very limited in that once you attach the GND filter it's in a fixed position with the top half of your image darker and the bottom half brighter so to adjust where the filter effect is you literally have to move your camera up and down to compensate, which may not suit your composition or scene.

The clever design of the new holder means you can move the GND up and down once it's attached and fully rotate it as well!

It's as easy as 1....2....3

  1. Screw on the adapter ring and magnetically attach the holder
  2. Add either a circular polariser or ND filter or both - the holder has a convenient slot to rotate the CPL to your desired effect before attaching the GND
  3. Add the GND and move it up/down or rotate it to suit your scene.

Now you're ready to shoot beautiful long exposures!

What I love about the new Kase Magnetic Filter Kit

  1. It's super lightweight and portable, the whole kit including magnetic lens cap and convenient carry bag is 250 grams, and measures 13 x 11 x 4 cm
  2. It comes with a magnetic lens cap to keep everything safe
  3. You can still use the CPL + ND filters directly on your lens with just the adapter ring for scenes where you don't need a graduated filter
  4. You can remove the whole kit from your camera in one go by removing the holder with everything attached - it literally takes 1 second. You can even store it like this in the bag if you want to get it out again quickly next time.

Watch the kit in action

To see the kit in action and example images, check out my video review below:

Example Images

To see the effects of using the kit, here are my example shots:

No filters used
No filters | 1/15 seconds f/8 ISO100
kase filters new generation kit with cpl
With CPL to enhance the blues/greens in the image | 1/15 sec f/8 ISO100
Kase Filters with CPL and ND1000
With CPL & ND1000 to smooth out the lake | 30 seconds f/8 ISO100
kase filters kit with adjustable GND
Adding the GND & rotating for the brightest part of the scene (right hand side) | 30 seconds f/8 ISO100

So what's the catch?

Are there any disadvantages to using this kit over the K9 100mm square system which contains the same components but is bigger and bulkier and takes longer to set up? The only disadvantage I have noticed is that there is some vignetting at the widest angles (i.e. 16-18mm if you are shooting with a 16-35mm lens), which doesn't happen on a square system because the whole system sits more flush against the camera. However, you're likely to find that the convenience of carrying such a compact, lightweight kit especially when hiking/travelling and trying to reduce space & weight will outweigh the downside of losing 1-2mm at the widest end of your shots in most circumstances.

How to Purchase The New Generation Magnetic Filter Kit

The New Generation Magnetic Filter Kit comes in 77mm and 82mm lens thread sizes and is available at Kase Filters NZ from $719.99.

If you already own a 77mm or 82mm Entry or Professional ND Kit you can simply upgrade with the New Holder Kit & GND from $349.99.

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