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Lake Matheson: A Guide to Capturing The Best Reflections in New Zealand

Where is NZ's most perfect photography reflection? Lake Matheson on the West Coast is my pick of locations for its unique views of the Southern Alps including Mount Cook and an often calm lake to give you the best chance of nailing the shot. Read on for my tips on capturing the perfect reflection shot....

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10 Tips for Planning a Successful Landscape Photography Shoot

I often get asked "how do you capture such stunning images? Do you just have amazing luck?" And while luck can play a part there is a lot of planning that goes into it too. Here are my 10 tips to plan a successful landscape photography shoot.....

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8 amazing ways to explore Akaroa

There's much more to Akaroa than meets the eye. For a tiny French harbour settlement it has a rich culture, diverse wildlife and stunning landscapes, so come explore it with me and then go and experience it for yourself!

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5 reasons why Tarawera Falls is NZ's most epic waterfall location

I like to think I'm a bit of a waterfall connoisseur. You only have to look at how many of my photos include waterfalls to know they're one of my photography subjects, so I can't believe it took me this long to visit Tarawera Falls!

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NZ's Best Waterfalls are in The Catlins

NZ has some wonderful waterfalls, but THE BEST waterfall region in the whole of New Zealand has to be The Catlins. Where else can you visit four amazing, unique and very impressive waterfalls in under an hour of driving?! Here's what you need to know to photograph these waterfalls....

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KASE filters - the MUST HAVE addition to your photography kit

After a few years as a landscape photographer and experience using 3 other brands of filters, I wasn't sure that a new filter brand could impress me enough to make me want to switch but the K9 kit from KASE did just that - here's why they are a must-have addition to your kit.

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5 places in NZ where the water is WOW

It's no secret that New Zealand has an almost impossible number of amazing locations to visit. But I know you're gonna want to find the best of the BEST locations to visit, so why not start with the ones that really make you go WOW!

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