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9 Epic Locations to Photograph in Iceland

Iceland is a landscape photographer's dream. From endlessly impressive waterfalls, to glacial lagoons that lead iceberg beaches, and unique coastal cliff formations and peaks, this country is jaw-droppingly beautiful around every corner. Here are 9 incredible locations to put on your Iceland must-visit list, and you can come with me to Iceland in 2025 to experience it all!

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10 Must-Visit Photography Locations in Taranaki

Taranaki is one of NZ's most loved, yet underrated regions, with a huge variety of landscape photography possibilities. From iconic mountain views, to tumbling rivers and waterfalls, and uniquely impressive coastal seascapes, Taranaki has it all. It's no wonder the region's catchline is Taranaki - like no other!

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Hiking the Milford Track: NZ's Greatest Walk

Hiking the Milford Track is a huge bucket list tick, and one that I'd been wanting to do all my life. Fiordland's weather makes each hike unique, and our experience walking at the end of the Great Walk season in late April with snow, rain and wind might not sound appealing, but it all came together for one hell of an epic adventure...

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5 Tips for Shooting Amazing Mountain Images on NZ's Best Scenic Flights

Taking a scenic flight in NZ's mountains is a must-do. Imagine flying past our tallest mountain, Aoraki Mount Cook so close you can almost touch it, or seeing the jaw-dropping cliffs of Milford Sound from above. No matter where you fly, the experience will stay with you forever, so here are my top tips for the best NZ scenic flights and how to capture amazing images from the air.

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7 must-see locations for a Canterbury road trip

It's all too easy to head straight for NZ's most popular destinations when planning a South Island road trip. I'd argue that there is an incredible variety of scenery to explore in locations all within an easy drive of Christchurch. Even better why not turn them into a week-long road trip itinerary? Read on for my top picks of locations to visit....

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You've never seen filters like it ... the new Kase Armour Magnetic System

You've never seen a filter system like this before... I'm seriously impressed with the new Kase Armour fully magnetic system. Talk about a game changer in the world of filters... it's super fast to install and so easy to use in the field... read on for my review and the results!

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5 tips to predict and photograph an amazing sunset (or sunrise)

Do you get caught out by sunsets that go from zero to hero in a matter of minutes? Want to know the secret to predicting and capturing amazing sunsets and sunrises that light up the whole sky? These 5 tips will make sure you have all the knowledge you need to have the best chance of being in the right place at the right time.

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